Brand: Bien

Bien brings its experience and professionalism to the outside of the bathroom, with the values it takes from the contemporary bathroom and ceramic culture, special tile designs for different spaces from exterior to garden, from balcony to pool carrying.

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Indoor and outdoor spaces

• Size: 30x90cm - 45x45cm
• Breaking Strength (≥7.5 mm): Min. 1100 N
• Breaking Strength (<7.5 mm): Min. 700 N
• Flexural Strength: Min. 30 N / mm2
• Crash Resistance: Durable
• Thermal Shock Resistance: Durable
• Cracking Resistance: Durable
• Frost Resistance: Durable
• Resistance to Staining: At least class 3
• Acid / Alkali Resistance: Class GLB - GHB
• Resistance to Household Chemicals: At least class GB
• Abrasion Class: At least II