Filler and Hollow Bricks | ASM25

Brand: Kudret

Unmolded bricks made of clay, which are designed as prism-shaped (toothless), which do not participate in the static work, serve as filling. A1 class fireproof and safe material. They are used to lighten the deck in the upholstery. Does not stretch during the pouring of concrete, integrity is not degraded. Increases earthquake resistance.

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They can be used in all types of reinforced concrete buildings.

• Clay bricks produced in TS EN 1261 standard.
• Type (TS 1261 - TSE) (G): Very light
• Dimensions (cm): 20 * 40 * 25
• Ordering code: ASM25
• Deck height (min): 32,5 cm
• Consumption (pcs/m²): 10 pcs
• Weight (kg): 9 kg
• Flexural strength: 200 kgf
• Thermal conductivity calculation value (h): 0.37 W/mK
• Volume weight: 500 kg/m³

TS EN 1261, TSE