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Biçer Project Construction Decoration Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. has conducted studies in the insulation sector that require environmentally sensitive and recyclable product usage. The company has been operating in the construction sector since 1984 and has been striving to introduce recyclable felt insulation materials as a privileged innovation to the construction industry for many years.
As a result of the R&D studies they have been carrying out for years, they are progressing rapidly towards leadership in the insulation sector. The research has compelled them to introduce IzoBOZZ and FeltBi insulation felt products, which are of Turkish origin, natural, healthy, breathable, in the difficult to ignite class, and have optimal thermal, sound insulation, and acoustic values, to countries around the world.
The areas of expertise are thermal insulation, sound insulation, and acoustics. The company's priority is healthy and eco-friendly Insulation. As a result of all efforts, they continue their work in the insulation sector as the exclusive distributor of izoBOZZ products, manufactured by Bozoğlu Textile Industry and Trade Inc. in Uşak, Turkey, and as the producer of FeltBi acoustic products. The products are used in many countries due to their high test values.
The IzoBOZZ and FeltBi family's vision is:
  • to fight against the gobal climate crisis,
  • to produce healthy products that enhance the quality of life,
  • to produce custom designs.