Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems

Brand: Schüco

With the FW 50+ system, capped bar facades, FW 50+ SG and SFC 85 silicone and semi-capped stick facades are created. Covered panel facade systems with USC 65 and silicone panel facade systems with UCC 65 SG stand out with their superior assembly features. Covered facades have high insulation options. The system meets all architectural demands, especially with its cover and profile variety.

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Housing blocks, workplaces, hotels, shopping malls, administrative buildings, airports, foyer facades and all medium and large-scale buildings for different purposes

• FW 50+, FW 50+ SG and SFC 85 systems offer cover, half-cover and glass-to-glass rod facades, USC 65 and UCC 65 SG, which provide ease of installation, and half-cover and glass-glass panel facade systems.
• With the developed FW 50+ .Sl high insulation series, there are energy efficient product options that minimize heat loss and increase building performance.
• Curtain wall systems can be integrated with motorized or manual outward opening fall, reverse transom or parallel opening wing systems.
• Apart from these, it has options that respond with different feature systems such as fire, theft, bomb and bullet resistance.