Steel Curtain Wall Systems

Brand: PENTEK – RP Technik

Pentek – RP tec steel and glass facade systems combine impressively large dimensions with slimmest geometries while providing high insulation even also meeting passive building requirements. To assure maximum transparency the use of large glass panes, functionality, or free architectural forms are made possible due to the high structural properties of steel. Also, add-on facade systems can be integrated into commonly used steel, aluminum carrier systems, or wooden substructures. Vertical and polygonal configurations including also 0° roof glazing solutions with a sealing system and passive building features are feasible. The system offers great flexibility to designers due to its integration ability to various sub-structures and diverse fitting geometries.

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Visible profile widths: 45-80 mm
Profile depth: 35-180 mm
Anti-theft: RC4
• Bulletproof: FB4-FB7
Fire resistance: EI 120
Glass weight: 1200 kg
• Stainless steel / aluminum cover options
Passivhaus (passive house) standards
• Can be used with wooden carrier systems (RP-tec)
High corrosion resistance with innovative zinc-magnesium dip coating technology