Lunawood® Thermowood is %100 natural and a healthy product produced by heat treatment of around 212°C temperature and water steam, with the raw material of the world’s best quality sustainable forests of Finland. The reason of heat treatment is to take out the resin out of wood cells to be able to obtain stable and durable wood products under any tough climate conditions.All Lunawood products are ecological, stable and durable, natural looking, chemical-free and nature friendly.

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Facade claddings, decorative ceiling systems, ceiling coverings, decorative finishing elements, wood wall coverings, wood sheets, wood stairs, solid wood parquet, solid wood decking, solid wood shutters, sauna decking, walls and benches, landscaping, solid wood doors and windows furniture, toys etc.

The purpose of the heat treatment is to remove the resin from the tree with the help of high heat and water vapor. Thus, the ThermoWood® timber, which is free from resin, becomes non-rotating, cracking and climatic resistance after the pleating. With high temperature, the balanced moisture content of the wood is reduced by 10-15%. Thus, wood is protected from mold fungus. Tensile and rotational properties due to moisture change in wood are eliminated. 90% improved dimensional smoothness and durability are achieved as the resin and all natural extracts in the tree evaporate and disappear. Dehumidification is reduced by 30-90%. Heat resistance increases by 30%. Heat permeability is reduced by 25%. The same color is obtained on the entire surface brown. Wood becomes light (400-450kg / m3) and hardens. It does not rot, mold, become weather resistant. LUNAWOOD® is an ecological, robust, natural wood texture that does not deteriorate despite high temperatures, and gains superior resistance to variable and harsh climatic conditions. It does not contain chemicals. Nature is friendly.

The raw material obtained from sustainable forests is produced without using any chemicals. Contains no harmful substances to nature. The waste can be left to nature.

PEFC, KOMO 2, CE, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, TWA, BRE, Product of Finland

- Maxx Royal Hotel, Kemer Antalya
- Bursa Anatolium Shopping Center, Bursa
- Lykia Golf Resort, Serik Antalya
- Kemerlife XXI, Kemerburgaz Istanbul
- Kemerlife XXIII, Kemerburgaz Istanbul
- Blue Lake, K.Çekmece İstanbul
- Eyup Wedding Office, Eyup Istanbul
- Sinpaş Lagün Houses, İstanbul
- Sinpaş Avangarden, İstanbul
- Sinpaş Sylibria, İstanbul
- Sinpaş Bosphorus, İstanbul
- Voyage Belek Golf & SPA Hotel, Belek Antalya