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PVC Architectural Membrane/Soltis FT381

Brand: Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari prestressed mesh products offer durability as well as comfort and elegance. Thanks to its porous structure, it provides excellent visibility outdoors and protects buildings from sunlight and wind thanks to its micro-climate effect. Minimizes air conditioning / electrical consumption while providing thermal comfort to buildings.

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Awning Decorative facade elements
About the Product
1Application Area

Facade architecture, stadium, indoor sports halls, suspended stretch structures.


Possibility of different colors
28% hole rate
High UV and bad weather resistance
27 different colors available
Great dimensional stability in both directions
High UV and bad weather resistance
Light control
Easy maintenance
Flame Retardant
100% recycling

3Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001, EN ISO 2286-2, ISO 14021, ASHRAE 74-1988 EN 410


Mi'Costa Residences, İzmir
Nef Merter 12, İstanbul