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Electric Switch | Busch-axcent® pur

Real high-quality materials for those who value individuality... Individuality brings with it the desire to own a home that reveals your personality. The renewed Busch-axcent® pur range demonstrates this reality with new, personalized materials and colours. Modern original materials such as concrete, slate and pressed paper add a pure touch to the rooms.

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About the Product
1Application Area

All interiors


• Busch-axcent® pur combines pure optics and quality high-value materials (eg glass, platinum and titanium) with contrast-rich colours, giving their style a consistent expression.
• Numerous small accents create a tasteful overall image. The Busch-axcent® pur switch series embodies this interior design belief, combining consistent linear design with different colours.
• The innovative mounting kit adds a new dimension to the aesthetic design of the living space by providing flush mounting of the Busch-axcent® flat series.
• Busch-axcent® pur is available in different materials from glass to slate, platinum to titanium.
• This range of switches is available in one to five cover frames and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.