Circleslide | Full and Half Round Automatic Sliding Doors

Brand: Boon Edam

Boon Edam transfers it's deep experience in automatic revolving doors to full and semi-circular automatic sliding doors with concave or convex curves.

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• Circleslide, which offers the soft lines of revolving doors to your entrance with the advantage of spacious use of sliding doors, also includes the aesthetic profile design and material richness developed by Boon Edam in its revolving door models.
• In the external appearance of Circleslide models, images can be easily obtained in forms suitable for any building element you can think of, such as electrostatic powder paint, anodized coloring methods and various stainless steel finished surfaces.
• Circleslide is a product with flexible design possibilities, although it is mostly preferred as full circular due to the fact that the second door creates a spoiler, and this flexible structure has the ability to offer many different application possibilities.