Automatic Hermetic Doors

Brand: Gilgen

These airtight doors are especially used in specific application areas such as operating rooms, laboratories and even recording studios.

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• Gilgen’s SLX model automatic hermetic door is a system that can be used safely in any environment that needs air and sound insulation especially in the surgery room and laboratory rooms where air sealing (hermeticity) is needed. The hermetic door mechanism and the wing design are in an extremely ergonomic structure, shaped with smooth surfaces that are dust-free as they should be in fully sterile environments.
• Gilgen SLX hermetic door model, which can be preferred with MDF-Lam, Compact laminate and stainless steel, and three different structural elements and surface coating, fully meets the universal standards and norms in 100% compliance with the technical specifications of the Ministry of Health and TOKI reports and certificates (TÜV Nord – DIN 18650-1 / 2 – Air permeability EN 12207, class 2 -Sound-insulated 32 dB).