Aluminum Folding Door System | Vival Plus

Brand: IQ Alüminyum Sistemleri

With VIVAL PLUS, modern foldable doors systems that are being used increasingly today, now comes to your homes, workplaces and everywhere else…

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• Can be opened and closed, which is the most practical feature of foldable door systems
• With higher air and water tightness, perfectly compatible for use houses, villas and terraces
• Perfect opened and closed systems that gives you sturdiness, aesthetics and spaciousness
• The top insulation level can be reached at folding systems
• Several options for manufacturing door sash
- All corners can be 45 degrees
- All corners can be 90 degrees
• The options of opened and closed, completely left, completely right or some left some right
• Excellent using with the modern and practical accessory structure
• A perfect air and water tightness performance with multi point gasket systems and functional profile variety
• Possibility to apply in wider and larger dimensions