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About the Company

Dodofis is an architectural office founded in 2012 in Kadıköy, Istanbul by Master Architect Fırat Doğan and Master Architect Burcu Kırcan Doğan. Architectural projects, urban design, interior designs are shaped by including the research required by architectural practice in today's dynamic conditions and conjuncture. The knowledge gained from research and the experience gained from past project processes are reflected in the project design process, and innovative and optimized designs are revealed with the work of an expert team. Architecture is a discipline that requires patience and time. In the design process, today's architecture, urbanism, cultural transformations, technological innovations, consumer habits are examined. It is aimed to reach the result by examining the project in every detail in coordination with different disciplines. Dodofis, which has produced designs of various scales and sizes for public buildings, cultural buildings, educational buildings, housing projects, urban design and master plan projects since its establishment, matures its projects with research and an academic perspective.

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