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Derer Derer Design & Construction

About the Company

Derer Derer Design & Construction was founded by Batu Derer to realize qualified projects in the country and abroad. Batu Derer has implemented more than 500,000 m² of projects in the field of architecture, interior design, project management, control, and application in the sector for more than 15 years. His areas of expertise are mainly commercial buildings, hotels, residences, restaurants, spas, transportation, and educational buildings. Many projects carried out by Batu Derer have turned into long-term collaborations with domestic and foreign companies.


In line with the experience it has gained in local and international projects, the company aims to carry out contemporary and awareness-raising projects that respect people and nature with a team of experts. Customer expectations are answered with functional, aesthetic, and rational solutions by evaluating usage and life criteria. Derer Derer Design & Construction, which prioritizes the use of current technology and materials, builds its designs on details that will represent the universal architectural language.

Derer Derer Design & Construction Products

Derer Derer Design & Construction

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