Prefabricated Steel Space Frame Systems

Brand: USKON®

Space frame systems, consisting on pipe web members and connecting nodes, are capable to cover large spans with quite low self weights.

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Hypermarkets, shopping centers, cultural centers, conference halls, exhibition halls, factory buildings, warehouses, hangars, bus station terminals, swimming pools, sport complexes and halls, museums, airports, hospitals, facades, domes.

Space Frames transfer the loads in two directions. Thus, they provide optimum load distribution.
The web members transfer just axial tensile and compression forces and hence they are material saving thus light weight structures and economical
They are modular and suitable for prefabrication.
They are highly hyperstatic structures. In case a member fails to serve for any reason, the loads can be redistributed and shared by other members. This is an essential feature in circumstances leading to sudden collapses like fire, earthquake etc.
Load transferred to the substructure is lower by virtue of its lightness and feature of load distribution.
They can be dissembled and reassembled.
Assemblies on site are completely bolted. They don’t require any welding, painting etc. on site except supports.

ISO 9001:2008, EN 1090-2, ISO 3834-2, GOST-R, TUCSAmark, CNERIB 2014