MegaPro Y401

It is an improved, polyurethane-based, large-size coating material adhesive mortar, such as ceramic, granite ceramic, wood, parquet, with high adhesion strength and very high elasticity, with reduced slip, and two-component, resistant to temperature changes, water and frost.

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Coating, such as ceramics with low water absorption, on solid, dust-free and low-water absorption cement-based plaster, screed, primed concrete, metal (steel, aluminum, sheet metal, etc.), fiberglass, PVC, betopan, MDF, wooden surfaces and dry wall systems. It is used for bonding materials to horizontal and vertical surfaces indoors and outdoors. It provides a secure adhesion by absorbing temperature changes, vibrating surface movements, form changes such as expansion and contraction, especially in environments and surfaces that require high elasticity and strength. It has good resistance to acidic and basic solutions (10%), detergents, sea water, oils and lubricants. It is used for bonding coating materials on ships and boats where resistance to water and surface movements is needed.

• Initial shear bond strength: ≥ 2 N/mm2 EN 12004–2:2017, 8.5
• Shear bond strength after immersion in water: ≥ 2 N/mm2 EN 12004–2:2017, 8.5
• Shear adhesion strength after Thermal Shock: ≥ 2 N/mm2 EN 12004–2:2017, 8.5
• Tensile adhesion strength after open time (after 20 min): ≥ 0.5 N/mm2 EN 12004–2:2017, 8.1
• Slip: ≤ 0.5 mm EN 12004–2:2017, 8.2

Application Limits
• Use time of the prepared mortar - Pot life: Maximum 45 minutes.
• Working time: Maximum 30 min.
• Fixable time: 20 min.
• Initial Drying: 2 hours
• Full Curing: 7 days
• Time required for joint application: 12-14 hours
• Time required to open the ground to pedestrian traffic: 24 hours
• Surface and ambient temperature during application: It should be between +5°C and +35°C.

Mixing ratio
• Component A (6.25 kg) and component B (0.75 kg) must be mixed thoroughly.

• On smooth surfaces, it is 1.0 kg/m2 with 4x4x4 comb size. The amount of consumption varies according to the condition of the application surface and the size of the coating material used.

- Conforms to TS EN 12004 / R2T.
- CE