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Why Does Building Material Companies Ignore Social Media?

Why Does Building Material Companies Ignore Social Media?

They adopt the latest marketing tools from their vendors or contractors; or at least we think they can keep up with their customers. But this is not the case.

Here are 5 reasons why building material manufacturers are lagging behind in social media:

1. Age difference

The senior leaders of most building materials companies are relatively elderly. These senior employees do not prefer to go beyond what they know. They dominate the building fairs and advertisements. And they know a few things about websites, but this is probably not even much current. They are starting to get used to mobile applications. In fact, we don't think they fully understand the applications. They think that the applications they use - even if they aren't very successful - make them look like a cool and innovative one.

2. Not understanding

In our opinion, the majority think that LinkedIn is the only social media channel that is available for the business. Even so, we think they see LinkedIn only as a tool for finding a new job. We do not see many of them joining groups on the platform.

For them, Facebook is only for personal use, and who would want to be transparent? If young or not famous doesn't even know what Twitter is.

Now they are facing new programs like Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram. I guess they think they're going to get themselves into light. The problem is, it's not going to happen.

3. Control need

In the world of marketing, they are used to having a lot of control over the brand message. When they want to say something, they have a creative team to develop a message to fit the media. They then forward the message to various departments, including legal, technical and marketing, for approval.

The message is then transmitted to the audience in a way that does not allow viewers to easily respond or interact. That's the way they like it.

The idea that someone interested in social media communicates with the speed of social media for the company makes them nervous. And they're not very much at heart with the idea that customers respond to them, maybe not agree.

4. Unable to leave the past

They look at their budgets and usually start with what they always do. And when they're done, thank God they don't have the money to spend on social media. They'll be out of this for another year.

The past is also about using messages to sell products. The idea of helping customers make the right decision with unskilled quality content doesn't make sense to them.

5. Fear of unknown

They know what happens in a fair, an ad, or a new website. They have no idea what will happen on social media. They know a little more about what to do, but they are afraid to dive into it.

The last big problem is that they don't know how to measure and weigh.

If a material manufacturer does not engage, competitors will. The bigger the company grows, the greater resistance to social media is created and the smaller companies will have more opportunities to sell.