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Product Stories

Product Stories

However, a real story lies in the worlds that the companies have established since their existence.

Some puts the wood in the middle of his story. Some of them discover product production in the journey they made for projecting and create a new brand about their products. Some have done the firsts concerning the industry, the firsts are also some of the most important stories. In fact, as Seth Godin says, "Consumers should be given stories that will enable them to give their environmentally relevant messages."

VitrA brought a new concept to the bathroom culture by redefining the bathroom world as "rational, aesthetic and sensitive". Using the comfort and technology together; colors, textures and distinctive rituals transformed bathrooms into priority living spaces.

AGK first to introduce the concept of "carpet tiles" in Turkey, became a pioneer and leader in the sales and marketing activities.

DHOKU, created the brand ‘Ethnicon' combining ‘Ethnic’ ve ‘Contemporary’ and said "Let the carpet be both local and universal and contemporary".

The brands rivet their success with the stories they create. The most important part of the storytelling is the selection of the right words, the concerns of space, design and sustainability and the adoption and transportation by the audience.