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Movable Walls with Pixel Bricks

Movable Walls with Pixel Bricks

Programmable blocks with different sizes, shapes and materials can be used as building elements like wall, facade, handrail and railing. "We wanted to blur the perceptual lines between design, building elements and digital art" says Andrew Zolty, co-founder of Breakfast Design Studio. 

Looking at the installation from a distance, it appears to be a digital presentation surface where each brick acts as a pixel. Just like any pixel on a digital display, each of the Brixel blocks can be controlled via the smart mobile app.

The installations are interactive with the user. To demonstrate the potential of the Brixel blocks, the Breakfast team created an installation called Brixel Mirror. Blocks with a glossy face and a matte black face can replicate the movements of people standing in front of the wall like a mirror.

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