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Marketing in Turkish Construction Sector: Showing the Construction

Marketing in Turkish Construction Sector: Showing the Construction

The industry begins with getting to know the whole adventure. It has a large expansion of the Turkey market structure, building materials, projects, construction, industry, in all occupational groups that accompany them; architects, engineers, as well as investors who return capital, construction contractors, contractors and their subordinate cadres, as well as the construction activities with the motive of rent, but who have learned a construction system in its own place in the arena of contractors, but all of them rotating on the axis of a construction, the city it is an intense activity that is moving away from the motive of change, transformation, shelter and a literature that tries to collect all these under one roof.
Besides, the ethics-aesthetic science which is the basis of all these is being learned by the creators of the product and the creativity of the designers.
It was possible to start the sentence from another place; but that's how it evolved. This is a platform where we can talk about the components of the industry, if we need to sort out the things that we are going to try to say. Our aim was to establish a platform where the principles of doing business in every respect were put on the table, the works done for the promotion and sharing of services and productions were evaluated, and today, on the part of “marketing göstermek, the“ showing the structure “was brought together together, and this was done especially in the ve building sector ğı. .
We will talk about the experience of being in the heart of the sector for almost 20 years. Apart from playing a guiding role here, we have also taken on the task of sharing our sectoral knowledge and experience with the actors we have chosen and who have chosen us. We think that our efforts in this pathway can take a considerable place in the construction sector structure and leave our thoughts to words.
The size of the building sector is a challenging but also opportunity-creating factor for companies to position themselves and their company identities in the right place of the sector. We can say that the sector is divided into industry and services, especially on administrative scale, and it also starts separations. In fact, the right definition, on the other hand; In addition to the project services and contracting services, the material and product industries are present, and the construction materials industry, which comes to our mind first, without considering the sub-industries. Concrete, insulation, paint, doors, windows, furniture and all building materials or products that may enter the wall of a building.