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About the Company

BITUDER is a sector association formed by industrialists producing Bitumen Waterproofing in Turkey. Its purpose is to carry out studies to expand the production and use of advanced technology products in accordance with National and International regulations in Waterproofing. It aims at the correct application of the relevant standards and regulations both in production, application and design stages. For this purpose, it carries out activities to inform all stakeholders and representatives of the construction industry. Bituder, which has been working on the fight against unfair competition for its own product group, the selection of the right material in the right detail and the right application, has adopted the mission of the association to raise the quality standard and healthy market growth by carrying out awareness-raising activities on Waterproofing.
Continuing its communication activities with this mission, Bitüder has been carrying out awareness-raising activities in accordance with the purpose by giving information seminars to institutions and companies in recent years. However, since the beginning of 2020, seminar activities in conference and meeting rooms have decreased due to the pandemic. In this period, where all meetings and events are held in digital environments and the impact of social media has increased, Bitüder continues its communication activities for its target audience without interruption, using all digital opportunities.

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