Kitchen Sink | Esse

Brand: Creavit

Carefully designed with user sensitivities in mind, Creavit's Esse sink integrates perfectly with the kitchen counter. It adds a perfect aesthetic to the kitchen counter with its deep inner chamber, durable, solid structure and different size options of 61, 76, 84 cm.

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• It allows you to capture the atmosphere imagined in the kitchen with its angular lines and simple design.
• Adapts to all benches
• Thanks to its deep inner chamber, it prevents water from splashing out and provides a comfortable use.
• It offers a hygienic solution for kitchens with its 100% natural surface and aesthetic appearance.
• Thanks to its durable structure, it shows high resistance against abrasion and deformations caused by cleaning materials.
• Provides long-term use with its durable structure against hot pan-pot shocks.
• It has different size options (61 - 76 - 84 cm)