Shower Enclosure | Xtensa

Brand: HÜPPE

The unique feature of HÜPPE Xtensa, bearing the Phoenix Design signature, is that it gives up the usual shower enclouse profile and moves the bearings carrying the sliding door on the guide rail on the floor. The absence of a profile makes your bathroom look spacious. With its unique design, Xtensa's door handle allows the sliding door to open at maximum and cover the fixed panel one-to-one, thereby achieving a single glass image.

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It is suitable for use in all types of residences, hotels, hostels, cruise ships, hospitals, health complexes, nursing homes, health and sports halls.

• 6 and 8 mm thick glass is used.
• Mirastar, Bronze, Smoke, Reflective Bronze, Reflexed Smoke or Extra Clear glass options are available.
• Side panels can be added according to the design of your bathroom.
• Matte silver, shiny silver, black and bronze profile color options are available.
• Sandblasting or digital patterns can be applied on glass.
• Anti-plaque application can be applied to prevent limescale of glasses.
• Cabinet height is 200 cm.

All products are produced with Hüppe Responsibility.