Interior Architecture Services

Liona Architecture aims to present the user's demands together with important criteria such as aesthetics, ergonomics, quality, comfort, detail, time and cost in interior projects. Functionality and aesthetics are two important criteria for the company.

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All kinds of interior projects.

The phases of the project are:
• Examination of the place, taking survey measurements
• Preparation of the layout plan where functionality is prioritized
• Creating a concept project, presenting realistic 3d images to the user
• Transferring the correct time required to complete the application with the work schedule to the owners of the venue
• Starting and completing the application processes completely

Liona Architecture's prominent interior architecture approaches:
• It is important to create the plan setup correctly. The primary goal is to build the circulation schemes correctly so that the users can move freely in the space.
• Material choices and detailed solutions were foreseen by Liona Architecture in the formation of the concept project, and applicable projects coincide with technical details.
• Even if there are partial changes during the implementation phase, the aim is to adhere to the concept created. The similarity between design and implementation in Liona architectural projects is striking.
• In addition to the correct management of all processes, another very important issue is the duration. With years of experience and meticulousness, Liona Architecture cares about its work program and sets it as one of its primary goals to deliver the works it has implemented on time.