Architecture Project Design, Application and Consultancy Services

Services are carried out in accordance with the design and details of the idea project, within a defined budget, with the right implementation teams and the work schedule.

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All building types

- Architectural evaluation and projecting service
- Discovery quantity and unit price studies
- General finishing works after rough construction:
* Roof - terrace insulation and stream works,
* Facade application,
* Interior partitions (brick, ytong or drywall, etc.),
* Works done with decorative interior partition Trimline or similar upper product group,
* Floor coverings, pvc, carpet, wood, marble, stone, ceramic, epoxy or industrial floor application,
* Interior doors,
* Glass, wood, sensor door, etc.,
* All kinds of paint application on interior and exterior,
* Stainless stairs or railing applications,
* All kinds of suspended ceiling applications, wood, metal, barisol, rock wool, etc.,
* Works where special details are required, light bands, hidden doors, sound insulation hall acoustics, etc.,
Mechanical applications:
*Project work,
* Heating, clean and waste water installation applications,
* Air conditioning with cooling units according to building and user request,
-Electrical applications,
* Weak current and data transactions
* General use network analysis from the transformer building.