Frosted Glass and Wired Glass

Brand: Şişecam Buzlu Cam, Şişecam Telli Cam

Şişecam Wired Glass and Frosted Glass are the decorative glasses of Şişecam Flat Glass. While it is obtained by putting wire into glass during the production of Wired Glass, Frosted Glass is produced by passing the glass melt between two metal rollers, one of which is patterned. When the wire glasses are broken, they do not fall apart in pieces and prevent unwanted passages. Frosted glasses produced with an aesthetic design reveal the elegance of living spaces. Glass, which is one of the most natural materials in home and office designs, carries the radiant touches of the sun to the spaces we live in and allows the experience of light and privacy at the same time. Frosted glass can also be laminated to provide solutions in the field of security and can be used as tempered in areas requiring safety. The patterned surface can be mirrored to gain visual features.

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It is suitable for use on all decorative surfaces in residential and commercial buildings.
Şişecam Frosted Glass
Windows, furniture and cabinet doors, interior doors, shower cabins, coffee tables, partitions, shelves
Şişecam Wired Glass
Windows, furniture, interior and exterior doors, display shelves, partitions

Şişecam Patterned Glass is manufactured through a continuous rolling process where molten glass is allowed to flow between two rollers, one with distinct patterns.
Şişecam Patterned Glass can be:
Tempered or Laminated to resist a higher level of impact pressure.
Used in double glazed units.
When laminated, the patterned side must face the outside of the assembly.
Şişecam Patterned Glass series are manufactured in 4 mm standard thickness.
5-6-8 mm thicknesses are available on request.
Standard sizes (mm): 2200x1200, 2200x1400, 2200x1600, 2200x1800, 2400x2200
2500x2200, 3210x2200
The tolerances on nominal sizes are ± 3 mm.

Şişecam Frosted Glass is produced according to TS EN 572-5 Glass - Basic soda lime silicate glass products used in buildings - Part 5: Patterned glass standard.
Şişecam Wired Glass is produced according to TS EN 572-6 - Basic Products Used in Glass Buildings Section 6: Wired Patterned Glass standard.