Electronic Lock | miniK10 standard

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The world's smallest 12-key, mobile manageable electronic cabinet lock.

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It can widely be used in many places e.g. new generation offices, personnel lockers, security/ checkpoint lockers, schools, health institutions, gyms, mailboxes, baths and spas, shopping malls and markets and factories etc.

Make your visitors feel a sense of security and comfort with electronic combination cabinet locks designed for easy use in shopping malls, chain stores and markets.

Safely lock down valuable or dangerous chemicals in your healthcare facility. In addition, secure your operating room, staff and patient room cabinets with easy-to-use locks for the protection of personal belongings. Keep the management of 1000s of locks under control with the hopinlock application.

The dynamic environment brought about by the change in offices and the use of shared office spaces require special conditions for secure personal storage. Thanks to the versatile functionality of our mobile, manageable and long-lasting locks that are easy to assemble and use in every aspect, feeling a "sense of trust" will keep motivation and productivity at the highest level.

Easy to install and use, mobile, manageable and long-lasting locks provide operational efficiency for educational institutions with 1000s of student lockers. In addition, with the hopinlock application, cabinet inventory management, task assignment - monitoring and keeping event records in cabinet-region-task-user headers increase security. While it is easy and trouble-free for your students to access their lockers with the use of a keypad or RFID card, the management of the lockers is easily provided by the school administration with hopinlock.

Provide your guests with secure personal storage areas in hotel rooms and common areas, especially at SPA, Gymnasium points.

It is important to be able to keep an inventory of lockers for easy use and management in your locker cabinets for your members. Provide your members with confidence and comfort with the use of keypad and RFID at IP54 security level. Authorize your staff securely with the hopinlock app.

• Environmentally friendly with 10 times more battery life thanks to the locking system
• Opportunity for individual and multiple use specific to the usage area
• Dial and card usage and mobile management
• Body Material: Advanced Engineering Plastic
• Lock Mechanism: Metal
• Color: Black / White
• Function: There are 9 different programming options with individual and multiple usage options.
• Feature: There is a red/green indicator showing the open/closed position of the lock.
• Standards: IP54 Protection Class RoHS 2011/65/EU & 28300 Compliant with electrical and electronic waste directives. Complies with PAH AfPS GS 2014:01 directives. It is TÜV Rheinland certified.
• Vertical Application: Upright / inverted
• Horizontal Application: Right / left
• Cover Thickness: Max. 20-22mm
• Mounting: 16mm Hexagon cylinder nut and 3mm fixing screw

CE - RoHS - TÜV Rheinland - Domestic Made