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Steel Window and Door System | OS2 75

Brand: Secco

The OS2 75 series is a member of the OS series. This thermally insulated series replaces the steel window and door systems used in the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century with more than 40 profile options. With the advancing technology, it maximizes the section thickness, offers sections between 27 mm and 62 mm and a depth of 77 mm. It is a superior design product that has received many international awards. This series offers many different opening types as in and out with a variety of profiles: Inward opening window system - Outward opening window system - Inward opening door system - Outward opening door system - Folding door - Vertical Pivot - Horizontal Pivot

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1Application Area

All building types


• Material: Galvanized steel - Corten steel - Stainless steel - Brass
• The casing wing is incredibly thin with a total section thickness of 47 mm.
• Glass Lath: It allows you to achieve different architectural aesthetics with different types of glass beads. All glass laths are mounted with a clip system. For this reason, you will not see glazing bead mounting screws like in other steel systems. Glass laths are a work of art in this respect.
• Handles and Hinges: One of the most important features of the system is that it offers original arm and hinge systems in the same material as the joinery material. Secco manufactures all of these products itself and approaches accessories as an important part of the product. It offers comfortable use with specially designed ergonomic handles in different types such as T and L. The fine structure of the profile system also shows itself in the arms. With the same design principle, the design language continued in accessories. If you have chosen a galvanized steel painted product, your arms and hinges will also come painted in the same color.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

Tested according to EN 14351-1 norm. Wing expansions can be made in test data up to 100 x 290 cm blade width.