PVC Blinds System

Brand: Egepen Deceuninck

Egepen Deceuninck Storbox Blinds System is not only a practical and aesthetical solution for your home, but also provides an excellent level of insulation. Banish outside noise and weather while keeping a peaceful indoor sanctuary.

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Residences, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

• It is possible to carry out different applications with the Storbox Blinds System produced in two different sizes: 165 mm and 200 mm depending on the details.
• In addition, there are boxes of 165x200 mm and 200x235 in the system for heat insulation.
• It is also possible to apply Ege (55 mm) and Mini (37 mm) blinds. This system is easy to apply on a single window, door or such locations requiring multi blinds. In addition, it may be combined with a slide insect net or blind insect net.