PVC Window System | LEGEND ART

Brand: Egepen Deceuninck

Bringing aesthetics and elegance to the fore by adapting to the style of your spaces with its perfect design, thought through to the smallest detail, LegendArt System adds value to your space while also considering your comfort. With its modern and simple design, color alternatives and elegant lines, the LegendArt System, which gives importance to aesthetics in harmony with the architecture and decoration of the spaces, protects your space from hot weather in summer and cold weather in winter with its flawless design that provides thermal insulation. Turning every space into perfect living spaces with its acoustic insulation and static power feature, LegendArt System offers nature-friendly products.

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Residences, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

• Superior Insulation
The heat transmission coefficient (Uf) of the LegendArt System, which has an excellent thermal insulation with its 5-chamber design and 70 mm width, has been determined as 1.1 - 1.5 W / m2 K. Thanks to its elegant thin ear design, it allows the use of thick glass and offers performance below 0.9 W / m2 K in window thermal insulation.
• Static Power
LegendArt System provides compliance with every detail with its product variety. Even in regions with high winds, the most suitable solutions can be easily reached with static common rail and facade profiles.
• Acoustic Performance
The LegendArt System, the existing insulation properties of PVC and the multi-compartment structure of the LegendArt System transform even areas that require maximum acoustic insulation into a perfect living space.
• High performance in heat and sound insulation
It is a profile system in accordance with TS EN 12608 standard. With its 5-chamber design and 70 mm width, it has excellent performance in terms of heat and sound insulation.