Duowin Eco

Brand: Duowin

Duowin ECO provides cost advantages with thin profiles. Double glazing offers more performance. With its increased visibility, Duowin Eco Systems can be used as a separator in patio, terrace, cafe, restaurant, winter gardens, large halls, offices automatic ventilation, wind protection or insulation. Systems designed according to different usage areas and needs.

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Cafe, restaurant, bar, tea gardens, summer garden, winter garden, terrace, balcony, room divider, personal rooms, pool, hotel, shop window


• Wide Openings (maximum width 3200mm x height 3000mm)
• Non-insulated aluminum profile
• Double glazed system
• Remote control
• Different color and glass combination options

- Air permeability test: Class 2 | Watertightness test: Class 5A | Resistance to wind load: Class C4/B4
- 2 years system warranty