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Textured Textured Butyl Tape | BK-PWA74

Tekstilband is an insulating foil with a textured texture on one side and butyl laminated on the other with high performance. It is flexible and robust. It is self-butyl adhesive. Many critical waterproofing gives precise results in details.

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About the Product
1Application Area

- Used for sealing wet areas (bathroom, kitchen, terrace, balcony, etc.)
- It is used in repairing concrete cracks. The textured textured part takes the shape of the surface when applied and absorbs the existing surface defects.
- It provides waterproofing in aluminum and PVC joinery - edge, bottom and end details thanks to its self-adhesive butyl membrane.


• Plaster or mortar can be applied on the textured surface.
• It shows superior performance especially in wet area details.
• Textured textured part enables the material to work by stretching in cross and longitudinal directions.
• Thanks to the fully coated butyl on one side, it prevents water, steam and moisture.
• Color: Concrete Gray
• Thickness: 1.0 - 1.5mm

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