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Insulation Foil | Isofoil

ISOFOIL is an insulation foil that is air and water impermeable, used in joinery environments. It has acrylic adhesive on one or both sides, depending on the models. For a fast and effective application, one of the acrylic adhesive edge is fixed to the joinery, while the other edge is applied to the wall surface (For models with one side, the other side is applied to the wall surfaces with ISOSEAL 20 special adhesive).

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About the Product
1Application Area

It is used around joinery.


• High performance self-adhesive foils provide primer-free adhesion to many surfaces (the surface should be checked before application),
• ISOCOAT 19 primer is available to increase adhesion on porous or dusty surfaces.
• Steam cutter,
• Waterproof (EN 20811),
• Hydrophobic nonwoven surface does not allow water to be absorbed.
• Plaster can be applied on the nonwoven surface.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

Tested by IFT Rosenheim.

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