ARDEX SK - TRICOM Insulation Set

Brand: ARDEX

The flexible and waterproof insulation set used in the system with ARDEX 8 + 9, ARDEX S1-K and ARDEX 4 + 5 insulation products that bridging dilatations, corners, edge joints and joints that may crack.

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- In wet and humid places, against surface water that may affect the surface water, in permanently wet places eg. Used in swimming pools.
- Outdoors; Used on balconies and terraces.
- In industrial buildings, eg. It is used in large kitchens, dining halls and workshops.
- ARDEX SK TRICOM Insulation set is used in waterproof and movable joints, edges, joints and installation and pipe transition and connection points.

• Indoor and outdoor, on the wall and floor
• Waterproof and weather resistant
• High strength against tearing
• High flexibility
• Alkali resistant
• Resistant to aggressive effects

ETAG 022-2 Assessment Category II document