Megaİzo 2K S302

It is a polymer modified, bitumen emulsion-based, two-component, solvent-free, waterproofing material that forms a seamless, flexible membrane when dry.

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It is used for insulation of underground spaces such as cellars, basements, parking garages, under the foundation and foundation, and to prevent leakage water in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and balconies. It is used on indoor and outdoor, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.

• Crack bridging ability: Class CB 2 EN 15812
• Waterproof: Class W2A EN 15820
• Compressive strength: Class C2A EN 15815

Application Limits
• Pot life: Maximum 60 min.
• Drying time of the surface: Minimum 24 hours
• Full drying time: Minimum 3 days

Mixing ratio
• 18 kg of liquid component must be mixed with 6 kg of powder component.

• It varies according to the application area.

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