ARDEX SK 100 W - TRICOM Insulation Membrane

Brand: ARDEX

Insulation membrane that meets the water impact classes A, B, C, A0 and B0 according to German specifications for waterproofing of walls and floors in indoor and outdoor spaces.

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- Insulation applied under ceramics and plates on walls and floors.
- It is applied in places with chemical release such as bathrooms, showers, baths, pools, balconies, terraces and dining halls.
- ARDEX SK 100 W should not be used as the main insulation material in buildings.

• Waterproof
• Crack bridging
• Same thickness on all surfaces
• Alkali resistant
• Easy to work, easy to cut
• Fast applicable

According to the criteria of the European technical certification body (ETAG 022), suitable for floor and wall insulation system in wet areas (Part 2 insulation membranes).