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Bituminous Waterproofing Membranes/Elastomer (-20) HDPE

Brand: Ankara Membran

Polimeric bituminous waterproofing membrane Membranes with polyester felt are PP3000 (3 mm) ve PP4000 (4 mm); Membranes with fiberglass felt are FF2000 (2 mm) ve FF3000 (3 mm) Coated with HDPE film. Maintaines Flexibility at -20°C. Applied by heating with blow torch. Provides a very strong adherence Easily be applied on wooden, metal and concrete surfaces Confidently applied in basement, wall and roof waterproofing.

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Bituminous roof cladding Roof insulation Waterproofing membrane Roof covering
About the Product
1Application Area

Confidently used in waterproofing at:
Basements and retaining walls
Wet spaces and balconies
Roofs, terraces, paraphets and eaves troughs
on wooden, metal and concrete surfaces.
We also supply high tensile resistance (1000/800 N/5) membranes for roads, bridges and viaducts.


By means of elaborately held raw material and product quality control procedures, our products fully conform to the technical spects like tensile resistance, temperature resistance as stated at the quality certificates we already have.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE 11758-1, CE 13707, CE 13969, ISO 9001 and G