Cuboseal PU Inject 1K

Brand: CUBO

CUBOSEAL PU INJECT 1K is a flexible, one-component, polyurethane-based resin suitable for waterproofing and sealing in cracks and cavities on concrete surfaces, forming PU foam by reacting with water and providing water insulation by filling cracks. It is recommended for use in infrastructure constructions, walls, floors and concrete constructions exposed to serious structural movements (seismic activity) and vehicle traffic. In practice, a one-component injection pump is required.

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Stops water leaks in foundations, underground structures (garages, tunnels and underpasses), sewer systems, tanks, waterways and dams.

• It is an effective insulation material for cracks and cavities, especially at the joints of concrete.
• Low viscosity: provides deep penetration with minimal pressure.
• It gives a fully hydrophobic and flexible foam with high expansion.
• Easy to apply: It is single component and provides sufficient application time.
• It is highly resistant to fungi and other microorganisms.
• It is user and environment friendly, does not contain any solvents or propellants, and is safe for storage, transportation and use.
• It provides an affordable and cost-effective solution with its high performance, durability and long life.