Water Repellent | Silcoat WB

Silcoat WB is a new technology water-based, transparent silicone impregnation material developed specifically for the purpose of providing water repellency to the outer surfaces of the buildings. Contrary to the solvent-added conventional silicone water-repellent coatings, it does not have any harmful effects on human and environmental health due to its water-based nature. Silcoat WB penetrates deep into the applied surface and protects it from the abrasive effect of water. Silcoat WB is a ready-to-use product, it extends the life of the applied surfaces and does not change the appearance.

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It is used to provide water repellency on exterior surfaces.
It is used as a water repellent impregnation on concrete, asbestos cement, briquette, aerated concrete, mineral coatings, natural stone, lime plaster and similar surfaces of all buildings.

• Increases the resistance of the surface against external factors,
• Prevents the facades from getting dirty,
• It reduces the harmful effect of freezing-thawing,
• Does not leave a sticky surface,
• It is breathable and does not change the natural appearance.

ISO 9001-ISO 14001