Waterproofing Material

Brand: Elasticool

It is an acrylic based, one component, high elastic, waterproof liquid plastic coating material which provides saving by reflecting radiant heat energy.

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It is used as waterproofing and energy saving material on concrete, plaster, cement board, galvanized, zinc, aluminum, PVC, polyester, wood covered sloping roofs and terraces, decorative coating surfaces such as stone, brick, tile, exterior of buildings, old bitumen, bituminous membrane or asphalt coated surfaces.

Appearance: White colored liquid
Wait time between layers: 4-8 hours (at 20 ° C)
Check-out time: 3 to 7 days
Consumption: Average 1.5 kg / m² (for 1 mm thickness)
Application: 0,75 - 1 mm (vertical surface), 1-2 mm (horizontal surface)
Crack bridging (EN 1062-7):> 2.5 mm
Elongation at break:> 400%

EN 1504-2