Cuboseal PU 200

Brand: CUBO

CuboSeal PU 200 is a one-component, ready-to-use, liquid, perfectly adhering to different surfaces, forming a highly elastic and durable film, with high mechanical and chemical resistance, tensile, tear and abrasion resistance, the ability to bridge shrinkage cracks with its permanent elastic structure, and with moisture in the air. It is a polyurethane based waterproofing coating that cures by reaction.

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It is used with suitable primers on terraces, roofs and rain gutters, verandas and balconies, wet areas under ceramic tiles, light roofs made of metal and fibrous materials, bitumen, PVC, EPDM based membranes, concrete, wood and metal surfaces.

• It creates crack bridge.
• Easy to apply (with roller or airless gun).
• It can be applied without a joint.
• The deposit is water resistant.
• Maintains its physical properties at -30º C/+90º C.
• It is permeable to water vapor and allows the surfaces it is applied to breathe.
• It has excellent adherence property.
• It exhibits effective resistance against chemicals.
• It does not contain toxic substances after curing.