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Climateq Roof and Wall Cover | Pop 135

The Climateq POP 135 vapor balancing waterproofing membrane is the most popular product that can be used both under tiles on sloping roofs and on metal roofs, and is also frequently used in facade cladding. One of the common features of the PROfessional and POPular series of Climateq steam balancing waterproofing membranes is the overlap lines and length dimensions suitable for the slope of the roof. These lines provide great convenience to roofing masters during the installation of the cover on the roof. Climateq roof and facade covers with wind retention feature contribute approximately 20% to thermal insulation.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Roof and facades


• Unit Weight = 135 g / m²
• Number of layers of the product = 3
• Water Vapor Transfer = 0.02 m
• Water Impermeability = W1 class
• Reaction to Fire = E class
• Maximum Tensile Force (length / width) = 2580/170 N / 50mm
• Tear Strength = 165/225 N
• Elongation at Maximum Tensile Force (length / width) = 60/70%
• Heat Resistance = -40 / + 120
• Stabilization against UV rays (PL) = 4 months
• Air Permeation Resistance = ≤0.02 m3 / (m2xhx50Pa)
• Packing Dimensions = 1,5x50 meters