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Climateq Roof and Wall Cover | Focus 210

Climateq FOCUS 210 roof and façade cover is a breathable waterproofing cover that is developed with Thermobonding technology and consists of 3 layers with its superior vapor permeability (SD value 0.015) as well as its thick texture. As a solid and strong layer, it is possible to install under tile or metal roofs without using OSB. Climateq FOCUS 210 roof and façade cover is resistant to extreme weather conditions including UV radiation and high temperatures, as well as extremely high resistance to mechanical damage. Climateq FOCUS 210 is also available as a double-sided self-adhesive integrated tape version.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Roof and facades


• Unit Weight = 210 g / m²
• Number of layers of the product = 3
• Water Vapor Transfer = 0.015 m
• Water Impermeability = W1 class
• Reaction to Fire = E class
• Maximum Tensile Force (length / width) = 440/330 N / 50mm
• Tear Strength = 270/300 N
• Elongation at Maximum Tensile Force (length / width) = 60/90%
• Heat Resistance = -40 / + 120 C
Stabilization against UV rays (PL) = 4 months
• Air Permeation Resistance = ≤0.01 m3 / (m2xhx50Pa)
Packing Dimensions = 1,5x50 meters