HDPE Geocomposite Drainage Membranes

Brand: sntdrain

It is a geocomposite drainage board with high compressive strength, resistant to plant roots and chemicals, formed by combining a PP geotextile layer and a dimpled sheet/ stud membrane made of high density polyethylene(HDPE) with a special heat treatment method.

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It is used to ensure safe drainage in vertical and horizontal applications. It protects the underground curtain walls from water and dampness and provides continuous drainage thanks to the filter layer. It is also used in vertical applications, underground structures, all kinds of retaining walls, open tunnels and underground car parks. It ensures the protection of the applied water and heat insulation layers on curtain surfaces during filling. In horizontal applications, it provides equal distribution of the pressure given by the soil load, distributes the load that may occur at one point and also allows the water to drain. It protects the green underground car parks from moisture.

- Dimple Height: 8mm
- Compressive Strength: Approx. 225 kN/m²
- Material: HDPE + PP
- Weigth: 650 gr/ m²
- Roll Size: 2 mtx20,00 mt

• DL10 GEO
- Dimple Height: 10mm
- Compressive Strength: Approx. 420 kN/m²
- Material: HDPE + PP
- Weigth: 850 gr/ m²
- Roll Size: 2 mtx12,50 mt