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Insulation Membrane

Brand: Geofor Membran

It is a waterproof cover with high quality, high polymer properties. Plasticizer, anti-ultraviolet agent, anti-aging agent, stabilizer and other processing aids are added to PVC resin by extrusion method for molding waterproof materials with high polymer content used in structures such as tunnels, basements, underground railway stations and irrigation channels.

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Waterproofing membrane Foundation insulation HDPE membrane insulation membrane Membrane PVC membrane PVC geomembrane
About the Product
1Application Area

PVC Geomembrane: Tunnels, water retention applications, pools, water culture, decorative pools, canals, waste water treatment applications.
HDPE Geomembrane: In regular solid waste storage areas, mine waste storage areas, acid pools, tank bases, ponds and irrigation channels


• It maintains high flexibility in cold weather conditions, will never crack and will withstand temperatures between -40C and + 70C.
• Color layer on one side and black color on the other will help to easily detect leaks and punctures.
• It has excellent easy welding and melting performance.