Waterproofing Material | Flexicoat

Acrylic-based, ready-to-use flexible water insulation material. It is a sliding waterproofing used for top coat and anticarbonation on polyurethane foam in flat roof insulations. It can be walked on. It can be applied with a roller, brush or spray machine.

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It can be used on flat roofs, concrete, lightweight concrete, tile, wood, galvanized steel, asphalt, asbestos concrete and similar surfaces of all buildings.

• Resistant to harsh weather conditions and water,
• Breathes,
• Provides extremely good adhesion to the surface and seamless coating,
• It dries quickly,
• Reflects UV rays,
• It has a high elastic structure.

ISO 9001-ISO 14001, TS EN 14891, TS EN 1504-2