Cuboseal BT 1K

Brand: CUBO

CUBOSEAL BT 1K is a rubber-bitumen based, single component, solvent free, UV resistant, 100% elastic waterproofing product.

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It is applied on concrete, plaster and screed, plastered brick, bituminous membrane, bitumen, asphalt, bitumen paper, metal, wood, zinc, sheet metal, various plastics (GRP, PVC, etc.), plastered or primed gas concrete, asbestos cement board, cement particle boards, etc. It is used in bundling of building foundations, waterproofing of shear walls and retaining walls, waterproofing of underground car park floors, waterproofing of terraces, garden terraces and balconies, roof streams made of concrete, GRP, sheet metal or zinc, waterproofing of wet places, the repair of insulations such as old bituminous membrane, bitumen, asphalt, bituminous paper, under and above the ground, horizontally and vertically.

• It is 100% elastic.
• It forms a seamless and waterproof coating after it dries on the applied surfaces.
• It does not lose its properties in a wide temperature range (between -20°C and +200°C).
• It is UV resistant.
• It is suitable for use in areas exposed to sunlight such as terraces, flat roofs and roof streams.
• It is suitable for underground use, it is not affected by microorganisms and aggressive groundwater.
• It adheres strongly to many dry and slightly damp, absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, does not separate or swell over time.
• It is possible to use alone in the insulation of curtain walls.
• It is suitable for use in the joints and repairs of covers such as bituminous membranes and shingles.