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Brand: Cermix

Brand: Cermix One component, polymer modified bitumen rubber based waterproofing material.

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About the Product
1Application Area

• In foundations and shear walls,
• Wet areas, retaining walls,
• On horizontal and vertical surfaces,
• Protection and insulation of structures and structural elements exposed to leaking water, temporary or permanent water pressure,
• External insulation of water tanks,
• Insulation of basements and storages,
• It can be applied for bonding insulation and drainage boards.


• Material: Polymer Modified Bitumen Rubber
• Water Impermeability EN 15820
• Duration: 24 hours Pressure: 0.075 Bar
• Dry film thickness ≥ 3 mm (without file)
• W1 Crack Bridging EN 15812
• Bridged Crack: ≥2mm
• CB2 Low Temperature Flexibility EN 15813
• Time: 1 hour Temperature: 0 oC Method: Bending in 3 seconds
• Passes Dimensional Stability at High Temperature EN 15818
• Duration: 2 Hours Temperature: 70 oC
• Water Resistance EN 15817
• Soaking in water for 28 days
• Passing Rain Resistance EN 15816
• Sprinkling is done 8 hours after the application.
• Decrease in R1 Layer Thickness should be less than 50% in EN 15819.
• Passable Fire Class EN 13501-1
• Euroclass E