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Radius - Oak

Oak; With its durable and hard texture, it has been one of the most used tree species in the history of mankind for furniture making. Radius; It is produced from ancient oak trees that grow in the most wetlands of the world. It creates a symmetrical appearance with its vertical and horizontal geometry and creates a rhythmic ambiance in the sitting and resting areas. It is a unique quality wall covering with a structure that provides creative harmony with today's modern decoration and interior architecture. Produced from FSC © certified trees, Radius reflects diversity and naturalness in the most beautiful corner of your home.

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About the Product
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• Moisture and dryness levels of these products produced with special and professional workmanship should have a moisture balance between 40% -60%. Extreme moisture or low humidity can damage these products made from natural wood.
• Room temperature between 15-30 ° is ideal for these products. Otherwise the products may deform.
• It is recommended that the ambient humidity and temperature changes do not change abruptly.
• Wood Type: Oak
• Preservative Type: Natural / oil / varnish
• Dimensions: 650 * 140 * 13