Newmor | Textile-Based Vinyl Wallcovering

Brand: Newmor

Type II wall covering suitable for textile-based vinyl projects. British wallpaper company Newmor, which is an expert in the production of textile-based and paper-based project wall coverings of 130cm width, works in stock with a wide range of color and texture options. Type 1 and Type 2 vinyl surface wall coverings are among the most preferred wall coverings in hospital and hotel projects with their durability, anti-bacterial and non-flammable properties.

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It can be applied to interior high-traffic areas, walls, and furniture surfaces of all building types.

Vinyl, Non-woven textile

• Width: 130cm
• 20 Oz, Type II, wipeable, textile-based vinyl wall covering

ISO 9001, BS EN 15102, BS EN 259, CCC-W-408A & C CFFA