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Avalanche | Quartz Based Composite Stone Surface Coating

Brand: Belenco®

Avalanche; It is a representation of natural onyx stone as a quartz composite surface. It is a new and innovative interpretation of onyx stone that gives a transparent appearance to illuminating interior design solutions. Bright places give people luxury, clean, clear and positive emotions.

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Laboratory counter Kitchen countertop Wall covering Facade cladding panel Natural stone floor tiles Exterior sheathing Bathroom countertop
About the Product
1Application Area

It is possible to create illuminated areas in your kitchen, bathroom, garden and other living spaces using only the Avalanche design. It can be used in places where lighting is required, on kitchen and bathroom counters, floors, wall and facade cladding, counters and various special application areas.




- Since the stone structure is transparent, it is suitable for backlighting, an innovative solution to save electrical energy.
- Quartz is the hardest mineral after diamond, Avalanche is the most durable material.
- It is a non-porous and completely compact material due to vibro-compression under vacuum treatment.
- Avalanche; It is the best sanitary solution that is hygienic, antibacterial, healthy for contact with food, and healthy for indoor air quality without human exposure to chemicals. It is a safe product for use in schools.
- It has superior properties such as non-porous structure, high scratch resistance (quartz has 7 Mohs scale strength) thanks to its composite stone technology.
- Avalanche contains recycled and sustainable crystal quartz, and its manufacturing processes use recycled water and energy from renewable sources.
- It is hygienic, antibacterial and healthy for contact with food (thanks to composite stone technology).
- Avalanche gains its aesthetic appearance thanks to its chemical production formulation containing recycled crystal quartz and polyester resin, the use of extra coloring pigments and the robotic long vein effect (100% robotic process without human intervention).
- Avalanche is made by Belenco with the latest technology quartz composite surface production lines and robotic units.
- The plates are 310x152cm in size and 1.2cm / 2cm / 3cm thick.
- Avalanche is a practical, user-friendly and sustainable product.
- Avalanche will remain shiny and new for its lifetime, just like the first day.